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  1. We conclude a Non-Disclosure Agreement if the client wishes. You can download the Non-Disclosure Agreement from here, fill it out, and send it to us for future signing through the contact form.
  2. Using the same contact form, you are sending us a request to create the book layout. Also, you can attach the files of your manuscript and use our book price calculator to know the approximate price of your project.
  3. Our designers would examine your files in accordance with your selected options, and the final price for your book project will be determined.
  4. In this step, you make a payment, and our designers start creating the inner/cover design and make a layout. Also, if you ordered additional services (Translation / Proofreading), they will fulfill it in this step.
  5. Now we are sending you a print-ready layout for checking and your approval. If you have some notes or suggestions, you can request a revision. All of our clients have at least two free revisions. The price of additional revisions is determined upon discussion.
  6. The next one is the ebook. The Ebook version will be provided in ePub, Mobi, and Kpf file formats. Also, in this step, we are completing the additional services you ordered, such as creating Book Promotion Video or sending your book to self-publishing platforms.
  7. 7. Finally, you are the owner of a nice and professionally made book layout and one of our Happy Writers!

What Will You Get?

Basic Services

  1. Book layout:
    Formatting the inner part with a nice, great, professional design considers all the details for professional printing. A layout that is done by us will be accepted by any printers.
  2. Book Cover Design:
    Develope for ebook, paperback, hardcover, hardcover + dust jacket options with a back and spine of the book and includes all the necessary parameters for superb quality print.
  3. Ebook layout
    Of superb quality (EPUB and MOBI formats) that will be accepted by any bookstores or websites.
  4. *3D model of your book
    With a few different foreshortening - an excellent advertising material for ads of your book and media kits.

Additional Services

  1. *Great promotional video
    Of your book for using on different websites, youtube channels, and TV.
  2. Placing your book on different self-publishing resources,
    Such as Amazon, IngramSpark, Lulu, etc.
  3. Book edition and translation services.
    We make smooth and professional translations and edit the text of your manuscript. Available at this moment: English, Spanish, and Russian languages.
  4. **Negotiating with a printer (if you choose it) and finding out all technical details necessary to print your book.

* Providing this service is possible only through previous agreement of price and all details of this service.
** Service providing for free in case of order layout in our company.

Amazing World of The Wild book

The Amazing World of The Wild

Author: Anna Zubrytska

There are more than four thousand different kinds of animals on Earth. There is no such thing as a useless animal because every kind plays their own role in living nature. Despite that, each year there are fewer and fewer animals in the world.
Amazing animal world workbook for kids 8-10 years old.

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How Much it Cost?

Please, use this book calculator to know the price of your book project. Take the number of words in your manuscript as a base and check the services you need. Remember, the price calculated here is an approximation, especially if your manuscript contains a lot of graphics, diagrams, formulas, and tables. Please contact us for an examination of your manuscript file and determine the final quote for your project.

Our Happy Writers

Mark Baird Author

Anna Zubrytska and her team of professionals provide outstanding assistance to our charitable endeavors, and to the US Veteran authors we assist. Their book covers are extraordinarily artistic. And their knowledge of properly preparing and submitting manuscripts for publication is unmatched! I know they have thoroughly studied and researched how to maximize book sales for their authors, including translation and marketing any book worldwide. -- To say that I enthusiastically endorse BrainOn Publishing would be an understatement. -- Go with BrainON!

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N. C. Batten Children’s Author

Brainon Publishing staff helped guide me with through the final stage of completing my first children’s book. After writing, editing and completing my book illustrations, they helped me collaborate the book with ease. Not only are they professional, but they also help guide you to enhance your book project to a more professional level, to compete in the publication industry. Highly recommend their services for your final stage of book preparation.

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Mirza Barlas Author

"My first book became a number 1 bestseller on Amazon and I give a lot of credit in this to Brain ON team, who were my book designer. My book was pretty big, and had complex publishing requirements for paperback, ebook which requires a files of different formats.

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Who We Are?

We are a team of professionals and like-minded people who have more than 25 years of publishing business experience. We perfectly know what you want and when you want. And we set a perfect goal to live up to your expectations, which will appeal you to come back to us again and again...

Anna Zubrytska

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NOTICE; The total size of all files of your manuscripts shouldn't be over 20 Mb. For sending files of bigger size, please go to BrainON Clients Entry or use Google Drive , DropBox and similar services. The accepted formats are doc, docx, rtf, txt, pages, pdf, jpg, png, zip.


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